Monday, May 6, 2019

OverKill, Death Angel, and Mothership

Photos and review by Anthony Jacobsen

For the first time ever, Death Angel and Overkill shared the stage in a colossal shred fest of madness.  To kick off the show, the heavy metal group Mothership from Texas fired off some tasty stoner rock riffs to ease the crowd into what was to come later in the show. The three piece band carried a familiar classic heavy sound perfectly through the venue. I would definitely recommend checking these guys out.

Death Angel was always a favorite of mine growing up listening to thrash. They are a perfect epitome of the embodiment of the early thrash sound from the Bay area.  With technical riffs, harmonizing guitars, screechy lyrics, and lots of long hair, they are still a powerhouse of thrash metal. We like most, can't wait to hear the new album.

Its the dawn of the 80s, thrash is emerging from the depths of metal and from it rose Overkill and Death Angel, among many others, I guess I should mention Metallica and Slayer too haha. However, Overkill pioneered the earliest thrashy shred of sound that infected all the others right out of good old  New Jersey. Right out of the gates, as Overkill took to the stage, mayhem ensued as bodies and legs where thrown to the roof and flew across the top of the crowd. Bodies crashing over top of the barricades as all of us in the pit taking photos scrambled to capture the insanity of the moment. Our time in the photo pit was cut short as chaos ensued and over took the area.  As titans of their craft and decades of shredding, they still can dominate the stage, overpower a crowd, and hold true to the test of time of metal itself.  Do not miss a chance to see them live, you will not regret it.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Within Temptation and In Flames

Photos and review by Anthony Jacobsen

As this was one of our debut shows for Echo Wave Media, the stakes were high and we did not want to disappoint. Thankfully, the show was held at the amazing Filmore Theater in Philadelphia, with it's great staff, sound and lighting which set a perfect stage. 

Smash Into Pieces had a great entry with a synthwave retro feel.  They were a lighter sounding electro rock that brought the party.  Not a bad way to start the show. 

From behind a dark fog, In Flames took shape and fired up with an explosive set under the shroud of hazy blue lights. They have been one of my favorite bands for well over a decade, and it was spectacular to be able to capture them again. They played a newer blend of songs, but still gave the audience what they wanted with some older classics.  They even enlisted the help of former Megadeth guitarist Chris Broderick! What a show to remember. 

Within Temptation erupted into a powerful performance with Sharon Den Adel and her fierce symphonic vocals. They held the audience captive, which was a great demographic of all ages. It was an absolute pleasure to experience this band in person. We look forward to their next visit!